Befriending Your Business

Las Vegas wants you! Becoming an entrepreneur within the Las Vegas area carries with it many positive aspects. You will see that the Las Vegas metro area is free of many taxes found in other locales, and you will appreciate the many amenities that exist in the region.

Here is a growing and non-exhaustive list of the reasons why Southern Nevada is a great place to operate a business:

  •  The local city and state governments are friendly toward businesses, and they both encourage the relocation of commerce to their fine cities.
  •  Business taxes are minimal in comparison with other metropolitan areas, such as New York or Los Angeles, yet the area is still a profitable one for business owners.
  •  Commercial real estate properties are now at an all-time affordable low.
  •  There is no corporate income tax. Businesses do not pay income tax to either state or city.
  •  There is no inventory tax. You are free to compile your inventory as you see fit, without thought to taxation.
  •  The workforce found within the area is both educated and cost-effective. You will not need to spend as much of your company’s hard-earned profits on hiring adequate  employees.
  •  The city is widely held as one of the top business travel destinations. Corporate men and women come from all over the country to hold their seminars and conferences.
  •  Your business won’t be alone. There is a strong and unified local business community in the area.
  •  The cost of living is much less in the Las Vegas area than in many other affluent communities around the U.S
  •  There is no personal income tax and property taxes are quite moderate.